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Clan Lab On-Site Training Programs and Custom Tailored Courses

Basic Clandestine Laboratory Safety Certification – 32 hours

This course is for personnel working clandestine drug laboratories with emphasis on meth labs. It covers meth production, chemical and physical hazards, hazard evaluation, protective clothing, respiratory protection, and other related topics. These topics are reinforced through the following hands–on practical exercises:

  • Air Monitoring Practical
  • Decontamination Team Challenge
  • Team Assessment and Processing Exercises

Basic & Advanced Site Safety Officer Courses (class times vary)

These courses are a vital component of any law enforcement agency’s clan lab safety program and satisfies OSHA requirements for site safety officers. All students receive the Site Safety Officer Field Guide (Red Book). The Basic Safety Officer course may be integrated into a Basic Clan Lab Safety course. The advanced course is a tailored, exercise–intensive course designed to prepare the student to perform equipment maintenance and develop health and safety programs. This course also includes a train–the–trainer component with the Clan Lab Recertification Package provided to each student..

Clan Lab Recertification

This course satisfies the annual OSHA training requirements oriented towards clandestine laboratory response members. It includes the latest trends and methods as well as updated equipment and regulation information. The one–day class can be provided as an add–on to the basic or site safety officer class.

OSHA Compliance: This course satisfies the OSHA requirements under 29 CFR 1910.120(q)(8 CCR 5192) for annual refresher Training.

First Responder Operations Course

This course introduces personnel to the chemical and physical hazards present at clan labs and the manufacturing methods. It covers defensive response procedures that may be used by patrol officers, fire fighters, forensic chemists, and personnel who would support clan lab certified responders. Students receive the First Responder Field Guide (Yellow Book).

OSHA Compliance: This course satisfies the OSHA training requirements for 29 CFR 1910.120(q)(6)(i) for first responder training.

Clan Lab Confined Space

Some clan labs meet the OSHA definition of a confined space or a permit–required confined space. because of the serious hazards these environments pose, OSHA requires additional training. This course covers the specifics of evaluating, classifying and safely entering these types of clan labs. The course includes hands–on training with your rescue equipment. Students receive the Site Safety Officer Field Guide (Red Book).

OSHA Compliance: This course satisfies the OSHA training requirements under 29 CFR 1910.146(g) and 8 CCR 5192 for confined spaces.

Clan Lab Chemistry

This course is for individuals interested in the nuts and bolts behind the reactions. It includes an introduction to chemistry to familiarize students with the basics. The course covers several drug methods and the reactions involved. Includes newest version of the Clan Lab Field Wizard.

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