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One Pot Meth Cooks: Hazards and Handling

Shake & Bake or One-Pot cooks have swept across the country since their first appearance nearly ten years ago. The convenience, efficiency, and mobility of these cooks make it the preferred method of manufacturing methamphetamine in many states. Record numbers of labs are being reported by some states because of this method of making meth. Some argue correctly that this method is designed to produce a small amount of meth but scaling up simply requires more cooks, more frequently. It's not uncommon for law enforcement to find dozens of bottles from prior cooks making pounds of methamphetamine when a lab is discovered.

These labs present a significant threat to the safety of law enforcement and the public. They are extremely flammable. Fires are quite probable and handling of the containers elevates the risk of fire. The increase in the number and frequency of lab fires and burn victims testify to this threat. Manufacturing methamphetamine by the Shake & Bake method is not difficult but the chemistry of the process and handling and dismantling of these cooks are far from simple. The course objective is to familiarize and educate the students with production process so that they understand how and when these labs fail and the consequences of those failures. This is essential for public safety as well as the safety of the officers responding to the discovery of these labs.

Nes has developed a one-day course that reviews the history and chemistry of a One-Pot cook in order to help law enforcement better understand the process and the hazards involved. Proper safety practices, including the use of engineering, administrative, and PPE hazard control options and procedures will be presented to law enforcement who handle, sample and dismantle these cooks. Proper and safe transportation and disposal requirements and procedures will also be addresses as more and more agencies are increasingly assuming this responsibility. The course includes a live Shake & Bake cook demonstration at the conclusion of the course to reinforce the theory and principles presented.

To schedule an onsite One-Pot course please contact Stephanie Summers via email or by calling NES at 800-637-2384.

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