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Clan Lab Training

Advanced Clan Labs: Beyond the Basics

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Move beyond the basics and learn about the manufacturing of over 12 clandestine drugs. In this intensive three day course you with learn about the history, production methods, effects, sampling, safety, and past, present and future trends of over 12 illicit drugs. This advanced course is for experienced clan lab investigators and site safety officers who want to expand their knowledge of drug manufacturing methods and to prepare themselves for new drugs and current trends affecting the United States Due to its popularity, early enrollment is recommended

Law Enforcement Clan Lab Field Services Training

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This training is designed for HAZWOPER trained law enforcement personnel who consolidate, package, transport and accumulate hazardous waste from clandestine drug labs. The course covers waste characterization, packaging, shipping and waste generated from labs and includes specific protocols on handling One Pot/Shake & Bake, Ammonia and Red P labs. The course conforms with requirements stipulated in the DEA "Guidelines for Law Enforcement for the Cleanup of Clandestine Laboratories ("Red Book"), Appendix J, Letter of Agreement "Container Storage" Program."

Law Enforcement Clan Lab Field Services - Lab Packing - Training

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This is an optional third day of the two day Clan Lab Field Services training program. The training will consist of hands-on exercises for disabling a lab (One-Pot, Red P and Anhydrous Ammonia methods) and packaging for transportation and storage.

Clandestine Laboratory Annual Refresher Online

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NES is proud to offer our online 8–hour Clan Lab Refresher course. The course covers all topics presented in the standard classroom–based Clan Lab Annual Refresher training. It reintroduces students to basic meth production methods, chemical and physical hazards, air monitoring, respiratory protection, personal protective equipment use, decon and site control procedures, site emergencies and other related safety topics.

Online Meth Awareness Training for First On-Scene Law Enforcement Personnel

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This course is designed to inform non-clandestine laboratory certified local and state law enforcement on the dangers associated with methamphetamine production and their users. This training is designed for first on-scene law enforcement personnel, however, class is open to other first responders.

Clan Lab Site Safety Officer

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These courses are a vital component of any law enforcement agency’s clan lab safety program and satisfies OSHA requirements for site safety officers. All students receive the Site Safety Officer Field Guide (Red Book). The Basic Safety Officer course may be integrated into a Basic Clan Lab Safety course. The advanced course is a tailored, exercise–intensive course designed to prepare the student to perform equipment maintenance and develop health and safety programs. This course also includes a train–the–trainer component with the Clan Lab Refresher Kit provided to each student.

Basic Clandestine Laboratory Safety

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This course is for personnel working clandestine drug laboratories with emphasis on meth labs. It covers meth production, chemical and physical hazards, hazard evaluation, protective clothing, respiratory protection, and other related topics.

Marijuana Grow House Operations

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NES has utilized its many knowledgeable law enforcement instructors as well as international experts in marijuana grow house operations to develop course that would better prepare law enforcement personnel to safely respond and dismantle indoor grow houses.

New Psychoactive Substances

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This is a comprehensive course covering the newest drugs and trends to emerge on the streets over the last 5 years. As new drugs emerge, it becomes difficult for law enforcement to recognize and screen for these new compounds. This course covers the production methods, history, legality, and safety related issues surrounding investigations involving these new trends. All personnel who investigate narcotic use or clandestine laboratories would benefit from attending this course. Due to its popularity, early enrollment is recommended

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