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Can A 40-Hour HAZWOPER Certification Be Obtained Virtually?

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Have you been considering taking a 40-Hour HAZWOPER course and then realized that the only place to take one is in person? You’re not alone. Many people are turning to online courses as an option for obtaining their certification, but they don’t know if it’s really possible. Well, we have good news! It is indeed possible to obtain your HAZWOPER certification online with NES, Inc.!

While there are companies that require you to take your training in-person, most will accept an digital certificate. Always be sure to check with your training coordinator to ensure whatever training format you pursue is acceptable for your workplace.


What is HAZWOPER ?

The Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) standard was established in 1989 by OSHA in response to major chemical releases into the environment throughout the U.S. (notable incidents include the Love Canal Disaster in New York and the Valley of the Drums in Kentucky). These events affected human health, environmental health, and properties.

It is specified in the HAZWOPER standard that all hazardous waste workers and those who would be performing emergency response activities are required to complete training before engaging in hazardous waste operations. Training must include use of personal protective equipment (PPE), emergency response for emergencies, practices that minimize risks from hazards, and safety, health, and other hazards present on-site.


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How Do I Get HAZWOPER Certified Online?

If you’re wondering how to obtain your 40-Hour HAZWOPER certification online, just sign up for the 40-Hour HAZWOPER live webinar training with NES, Inc! We make the process as easy as possible so you can get certified quickly, painlessly, and affordably! With HAZWOPER training classes offered both in-person at our Folsom and San Leandro facilities AND as live, instructor-led webinars, you can get your certification no matter where you are.


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About the Course

The 40-Hour HAZWOPER training prepares students to perform hazardous waste remediation and cleanup operations safely and in compliance with the OSHA Hazardous Waste Operations Standard. This course is for employees involved in hazardous waste remediation activities (site workers) who are, or may be, exposed to hazardous substances or health hazards.

The topics covered in the 40-Hour HAZWOPER training include chemical and physical hazard recognition, hazard controls, selection of personal protective equipment, air monitoring, respiratory protection, site control, decontamination, field-specific operations (such as drum handling, trenching, and excavation), and an introduction to emergency response. Training includes classroom instruction and a field exercise incorporating the use of personal protective equipment, monitoring, sampling, and decon practices.

Each student will receive a printed manual, student workbook, record of training, and a certificate of completion.


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Why Take Your 40-Hour HAZWOPER Training Online with NES?

We collaborate with businesses to discover cost-effective answers to their environmental health and safety concerns. When we instruct your staff, we make sure that they get the knowledge they require in a practical and interesting format so that they can do their jobs effectively and safely. Whether we’re offering consulting services or conducting training, our objective is to assist you in safeguarding your employees, your business, and the environment.


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About NES, Inc.

Established in 1987, NES, Inc. (NES) is a nationally recognized leader in environmental health & safety training and consulting. Our mission is to help our clients protect their employees, their assets, and the environment in a way that makes business sense.

We offer training across a broad range of EH&S topics for government agencies, regulators, and private businesses throughout the United States, and we have trained thousands of law enforcement personnel to respond to clandestine drug laboratory sites safely and effectively. Our environmental consulting expertise includes facility/site audits, waste management & transportation guidance, tank assessments, documentation review, plan preparation, and best management practice advisement. NES also provides industrial hygiene services covering indoor air quality, mold, water damage, hazardous materials exposure, and more. We administer major California storm water compliance groups and offer expert consultation on compliance concerns.

In summary, if you’re wondering, “Can a 40-Hour HAZWOPER certification be obtained online?” The answer is yes! Get started with 40-Hour HAZWOPER training online from NES, Inc. – The best way to get certified!