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Course Breakdown: Federal OSHA 8-Hour HAZWOPER Refresher

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NES is a nationally recognized environmental health and safety leader, specializing in a variety of compliance training programs to keep your workplace safe. Our modules provide practical and engaging material that is easy to understand. Our experts have more than a century of expertise in training and compliance for government regulators and private-sector companies. From training to implementation, NES is there to help foster employee growth while maintaining a safe workplace.


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The Importance Of Staying OSHA Compliant

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration of The United States Department of Labor (OSHA) was formed by the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. OSHA provides regulations and guidelines for safe workplaces and avoiding hazards while on the job. Many companies follow federal OSHA regulations and require their employees to go through compliant training. Utilizing OSHA guidelines in the workplace provides not only the employer with benefits, but also the employee. Several benefits to staying OSHA compliant are:

  • Preventing workplace injuries and illnesses
  • Improving compliance with laws and regulations
  • Reducing costs, particularly for workers’ compensation premiums
  • Engaging employees
  • Enhancing employees’ social responsibilities
  • Increasing productivity, resulting in enhanced business operations

NES provides many courses with a variety of formats from online, in-person, and even webinars to help your employees stay OSHA compliant.


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Course Overview

NES offers an eight-hour online Federal OSHA HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) Refresher course. This course is fully online, and provides flexibility as you can pick and choose when to complete this training. Go at your own pace. Our course remembers where you are in the training, and allows you to easily pick up where you left. Once you sign up for this course, you will have 30 days to complete the training and receive your certificate. Certificates can be accessed anytime through your account.


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Who Should Take This Course

This NES course is intended for hazardous waste site employees and supervisors who must receive an annual refresher to stay OSHA compliant. This refresher is in place to provide workplace safety guidelines, as well as any regulatory updates to processes and procedures.


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Maintaining Compliance

This eight-hour HAZWOPER Refresher training is intended to be completed annually following initial (40-/24-hour) HAZWOPER training or prior HAZWOPER refresher training. Maintaining compliance with OSHA guidelines and regulations has never been easier.

NES provides a variety of training courses to help your employees stay compliant with the most up-to-date federal and state regulations. This online eight-hour HAZWOPER Refresher provides the necessary knowledge for your waste site employees and supervisors to stay safe in the workplace and follow all hazardous waste regulations. Register online today!