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How To Get HAZWOPER Certified

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If you or your employees need HAZWOPER certification, NES can help! With comprehensive training, field experience, and hands-on exercises, our courses are designed to get your team ready for the work they need to do without delay. Our courses are created with your needs and regulatory compliance in mind. Read on to learn more about how to get HAZWOPER certified with NES.

Take a Course

In order to work in certain industries, positions, and companies, employees must complete HAZWOPER training. From waste management to the cannabis industry, HAZWOPER training is necessary for many positions, and the best way to get HAZWOPER training in California is to take a course from a well-known and accredited training company, like NES. Our courses are designed to get your employees ready with comprehensive training and experienced instructors.

40 Hours of Initial HAZWOPER Training

We prioritize in-depth training for our students. To ensure this, we offer the necessary 40 hours of HAZWOPER training in California, with topics covering hazard assessment, site control, decontamination, and other crucial information. In addition to this training, our course attendees also receive printed manuals, workbooks, and additional reference materials.


24 Hours of HAZWOPER Training

Another type of training course we offer is 24-hour HAZWOPER training. This can prepare your employees for all kinds of situations they might encounter on-site, and also helps to prevent any potential mistakes they make. This training helps to keep your worksites and your employees safer in the long run.


8 Hours of HAZWOPER Refresher Training

Last but not least is our 8-hour refresher training for HAZWOPER certification. NES offers courses that provide eight hours of HAZWOPER training to ensure that your employees and job sites are safe and compliant. These courses are designed as refreshers to keep up with compliance requirements, and will help to keep your employees certified and safe.

NES Training

Getting HAZWOPER training in California doesn’t have to be difficult! With NES here to help, getting HAZWOPER certified is within reach. We offer in-depth training courses and pricing designed to help you and your employees stay safe, compliant, and certified.