24 hour Illicit Cannabis Operations Investigations

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Objective: Provide law enforcement personnel with the techniques utilized to investigate and prosecute illicit cannabis cultivation, extraction, and processing operations

Target Personnel: Law enforcement (patrol to investigations)

Prerequisites: None

Overview: This course is designed to enable law enforcement personnel to successfully detect, seize, and prosecute illicit cannabis sites. Cultivation, extraction, and processing techniques as well as investigation and raid planning are discussed.

NOTE: This course does not provide training required for the hazards of processing and dismantling of seized cultivation sites under HAZWOPER requirements.

Course Topics:

  • Cannabis cultivation history & overview
  • Terminology
  • Indoor cultivation techniques
  • Outdoor cultivation techniques
  • Investigative techniques
  • Raid planning
  • Legal issues

Associated Resource: Cannabis Operations Safety field guide (Green Book)

NOTE: This program is currently only offered in client-specific on-site format (at our clients' locations).