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The Consequences of Losing Your EH&S Certifications

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California businesses in specific industries often require environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) certifications. These certifications not only help to prepare and protect employees from harm or injury on-site, but also protect the company and business owners from liability issues and compliance infractions. If a business loses any of their required EH&S certifications, the business may suffer from a variety of heavy consequences.

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High Costs

One of the many reasons why you and your employees need to stay certified is to keep the costs of operating your business lower. With certifications, your company is less likely to be fined or penalized for safety violations, and insurance companies are more likely to provide coverage for lower premiums. Additionally, if you lose your certifications in specific EH&S industries, there is also the chance that you may have to shut down operations until these certifications have been re-issued.

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More Job Injuries

Employees who are properly certified and regularly trained in EH&S industries help in preventing job injuries and workplace accidents. Because many types of job sites require in-depth knowledge and skills, certifications are required so that employees and employers are both protected from job injuries and the subsequent consequences of those injuries.

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Natural Disasters

Suffering through a natural disaster can be one of the most detrimental events that can happen to a business. Instead of worrying, business owners can prepare themselves, their employees, and their facilities for natural disasters by enforcing regular training.

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Employee Health and Wellness

Finally, one of the most important reasons to obtain EH&S training for your team is to ensure they are knowledgeable about the best management practices and safest ways to complete their work. Certifications earned through training helps employees commit to maintaining a healthy and safe workplace. This commitment ensures that your production stays consistent and your employees are safe.

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There are many costly consequences for losing required EH&S certifications. Because of this, it is vitally important for you and your team keep up to date and compliant with certification regulations and requirements. Learn more about services and courses available from NES, and get started on gaining EH&S certifications in California today!