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What Happens If You Fail A 40-Hour HAZWOPER Training Course?

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When it comes to working with or around hazardous waste and hazardous materials, there are many regulations that govern what you can and cannot do. One of these regulations is mandatory Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) training. This training teaches people how to identify various types of hazardous substances, respond to emergencies involving them, protect themselves from hazards while on the job site, properly store chemicals when not in use, and many other topics. The goal is to build a safe work environment by providing employees with knowledge about safety procedures before they go out into the field or find themselves in an emergency situation.



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The problem is that HAZWOPER training isn’t just any normal class – it’s mandatory! And if you fail? It could result in being issued a hefty fine, or even losing your job altogether. So let’s dig into what happens if you fail an NES 40-Hour HAZWOPER training exam.



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Most people are not great test takers. Especially if they feel pressure to pass the exam in one shot in order to stay in their field of work. Rest assured, when taking the HAZWOPER final exam there are many ways to ensure that you do pass and earn your 40-Hour HAZWOPER certification. First, it’s critical that you pursue your certification with the best training provider you can find. If your instructor is great at teaching and cares about their students’ success, then passing the exam should be painless. Each NES instructor has a strong passion to ensure their students gain the knowledge and understanding they need to pass their final exams and get certified. Typically, a 40-Hour HAZWOPER exam is a selection of questions designed to properly test knowledge retention. This mean prepping for your test is very advantageous, especially if your instructor has knowledge on specific areas.



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The other great news: If you fail, it’s OKAY!

You’ll have other opportunities to pass the exam and earn your certification. In fact, you can take the test as many times as you need, and you only need a score of 70% to pass. If you do fail, you will receive feedback on the areas you might need to put more focus towards. Instructors at NES will happily work with students to ensure that they pass their final exam – hopefully on the first time around!



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All in all, with the right training provider, passing a 40-Hour HAZWOPER exam and gaining certification is nothing to worry about. Even if you test poorly the day of your exam, you’ll have other opportunities and the time to put more focus in the areas you tested weak in. The goal of HAZWOPER training is to provide great understanding to each student, so they can perform hazardous waste remediation and cleanup operations safely. With diligence, a good instructor, and fellow students to learn with, passing your test will be no problem. If you’re still worried about possibly failing a HAZWOPER test, or want to know more about NES and our training methods and experience, come visit our site at or give us a call today!