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Who Is the Perfect Candidate for a 40-Hour HAZWOPER Course?

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If you might be exposed to hazardous waste while on the job, then you need HAZWOPER training!


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NES provides a variety of people with the hazardous waste training they need to do their jobs properly. Hazardous waste is not something you should mess around with. For many professions, it’s required that you take training in how to handle and identify hazardous substances so that you can keep yourself and those around you as safe as possible. That’s why we offer our 40-hour HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response) training. This course provides necessary training for a variety of industries. Continue reading below to learn more about the perfect candidates for the training, and then reach out to NES to get started on your training today!


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General Qualifications

There are a few different courses available for those who handle hazardous waste. That being said, the 40-hour HAZWOPER course is pretty standard. Typically, this course is required for those who are new to uncontrolled hazardous waste or emergency response operations, general site workers, and on-site management and supervisors. This course is designed for people who risk exposure and provides them with the necessary training and tips they need to handle hazardous waste so that they can protect themselves and other workers on the job. Below, we’ve outlined a few of the most common professions where the 40 hour HAZWOPER training is required.


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Emergency Responders

Emergency responders work with numerous people every day, and in many cases, their job will have them working with hazardous materials. That being said, when most people think about hazardous materials, they picture vats of acid or other toxic chemicals. However, hazardous waste can also include bodily fluids such as blood. Emergency responders need to have the proper training so that they can handle bodily fluids in a manner that keeps themselves and those around them safe.


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Equipment Operators

As mentioned above, most people picture barrels of toxic chemicals when they think about hazardous waste. While that may not be the most common form of hazardous materials, it’s not uncommon, especially for those who operate equipment in a factory setting.

When you’re working with and operating equipment, there are a variety of different substances that you come into contact with on a daily basis, and some of them could be hazardous. In addition to receiving training on how to properly operate the equipment, it’s also vital that equipment operators learn how to safely transport and manage the materials they work with, including potentially hazardous materials.


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General Site Workers

The training individuals receive during the 40-hour HAZWOPER course does cover how to handle hazardous materials, but it also covers numerous other important skills, which is why it’s recommended for general site workers. When working on a construction site, there are many different hazards and dangers that one needs to be aware of, including electrocution, fall hazards, fire prevention, heavy machinery, and more! Luckily, the 40-hour HAZWOPER training covers all that and more!

If you are required to take the 40-hour HAZWOPER course, you’ve come to the right place! At NES, Inc., we offer numerous training courses, including the 40-hour HAZWOPER course! We take pride in offering the courses that you need when you need them, allowing you to start and finish your training in no time! Reach out to our team to learn more and start your training today!

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