Mold and Water Damage Assessments

NES has conducted hundreds of comprehensive mold investigations and water intrusion assessments in industrial, commercial, and residential buildings throughout the nation. NES has provided assistance with mold problems in several high-risk facilities, such as hospitals, cancer treatment centers, elderly care facilities, and schools. NES has the ability to respond quickly to water intrusion events and identify mold problems so that damage to building materials, project remediation costs, and potential client liability are significantly reduced.

NES takes a practical approach to water damage and mold issues based on current scientific knowledge and applicable industry standards and guidelines. NES regularly assists clients with risk communication to employees and tenants to mitigate unfounded fears based on misinformation on molds presented by some media and Internet sources. We believe in educating clients on how to quickly and cost-effectively resolve water damage and mold problems and can develop customized Mold and Water Intrusion Management and Prevention Plans to assist clients with responding to water intrusion and preventing mold growth. NES also provides training on mold and water intrusion topics to facility managers, insurance professionals, contractors, property managers, realtors, and other individuals and organizations that may encounter mold growth in the course of their business operations. NES has also provided expert witness and technical support for dozens of cases involving alleged mold exposures and property damage from mold growth.

NES’ mold and water damage services include initial building inspections and moisture testing of building materials to identify water-damaged materials. Additional evaluation of observed water damage may include air or surface sampling to determine the types and levels of mold present using both culturable and non-culturable laboratory analysis. When necessary, NES develops remediation protocols and specifications to mitigate microbial contamination and can provide remediation contractor oversight on behalf of building owners to evaluate contractor compliance with protocols and specifications. Following large, sudden water loss events, we can assist with determining what materials are impacted and provide direction on how to dry and/or remove affected materials in a timely manner to prevent the development of mold growth.