Online Protection from Wildfire Smoke


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16-20 participants: 20% discount
21 participants: contact NES at 1-800-NES-ADVISE (1-800-637-2384)

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Applicable Regulations:
8 CCR 5141.1

This program provides a brief background on the California Wildfire Smoke Emergency Order, and associated regulation, along with key definitions. The Current Air Quality Index (Current AQI) and wildfire smoke hazards, including PM2.5, are covered as well as communication and training requirements. Hazard control methods are discussed in addition to an overview of personal protective equipment (PPE) with a focus on respiratory protection and the donning and doffing of respirators.

The California Wildfire Smoke Emergency Order is an emergency order set forth by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) Standards Board stating that employers must take new action to protect workers in the field from wildland fire smoke exposure. This regulation is intended to provide guidance for making informed decisions regarding protection from wildfire smoke and establishes the responsibility of the employer and its employees to identify and assess hazards in order to most efficiently protect themselves. Our Protection from Wildfire Smoke online program was designed to provide workers with the information needed to stay safe from wildfire smoke in the workplace.

Who Should Attend:
Any employer whose employees may be exposed to wildfire smoke and any workers who may be exposed to wildfire smoke are encouraged to participate in this training program.

Key Course Topics:

  • Regulations
  • Obtaining Current AQI
  • Health Effects
  • Methods to Protect
  • Communication
  • Respiratory Protection