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Comprehensive Narcotics, Clandestine Laboratories & Illicit Cannabis

Training & Support

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Dedicated to the safety of law enforcement, military, and hazmat teams operating worldwide.

NCC, a division of NES, is the worldwide leader in education, safety training, and support regarding Narcotics, Clandestine Laboratories, and Illicit Cannabis Operations. Our team of highly skilled professionals have expertise in law enforcement, forensic chemistry, industrial hygiene, and environmental compliance.  

The NES-NCC staff use their decades of knowledge and real-world experience to ensure that the training programs, products, and services offered incorporate the latest narcotic trends with the science and equipment needed to safely manage today’s highly sophisticated clandestine operations.

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Offering Training & Support Worldwide

NCC is committed to offering this comprehensive training and supporting products worldwide. Our staff regularly customizes training programs and services to address clandestine operations occurring globally. Our training programs and products are translated into various languages, can be delivered on-site to host countries, and include region-specific narcotic trends, local laws, regulations, and best management practices for processing and dismantling clandestine operations internationally.

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NCC Areas of Focus

Clandestine Laboratory Safety Training & Support

Law Enforcement Support for Illicit Cannabis Operations

U.S. State & Local Law Enforcement

International Law Enforcement Agencies

U.S. Forest Service

State Parks Departments

Tribal Governments

Regional Training Centers

Crime Laboratories

Governmental Investigation Bureaus

Governmental Cannabis Regulatory Agencies

Child Protective Services Departments

Health Department & Other Regulatory Personnel

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